MILICA ANDRIĆ - Security Council, President

Goes to Philological highshool.A versatile, open-minded and communicative person and a devoted organizer. Always keeps her priorities in check. Stays active through different nongovernmental organisations and projects. She thinks knowledge can be found in all corners of life and believes in love above all.


VIDA STANIĆ - Security Council, Vice-President

Secondary student of the British International School in Belgrade. She had participated on BIMUN once as a volunteer, once as a delegate on BIMUN Junior and she will participate now for the first time as a team member. She is member of Rotary Club in Belgrade and Duke of Edinburg Club. She is a communicative person, who likes to travel, meet new people and learn more about the world we all live in. She believes that everyone who works hard can achieve a lot.


JANA TOŠIĆ - Security Council, Vice-President

A final year student at Crnjanski High School.Adores art, squash, creativity and math.Hopefully a future student of architecture. Her all the time favorite extra-school activity has been MUN. She was a delegate on BIMUN, VIMUN and BALMUN, and took part in many other projects. She believes that diplomacy and positive thoughts are crucial parts in everyone's life. Following the quote 'Chaos is order yet undeciphered', she tries to bear down her aspirations for perfectionism.





STRAHINJA RADOVANOVIĆ - Security Council, Recording secretary

Goes to XIII Grammar School. He is in love with traveling, meeting new people and exploring new cultures. He is communicative and always ready to help. He is interested in politics. He is convinced that hard work will always be worthy and that it is the key of being successful.