UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) - Team Memebers:


MIHAILO TODOROVIĆ - UN Environment Assembly (UNEA), President
Senior at the Third Belgrade Grammar school. He participated in BIMUN four times, twice as a delegate, and now for a second time being a team member. He is an open-minded, curious and positive person, always open for new experiences, cultures and people. Aswell, he likes to travel and meet people. Vice-president of the student body, and coordinator of many sections at his high-school. Enjoys reading about different cultures, religions and languages. Interested in politics, economics, mathematics and chess. Is eager to see you in March at the session.

ANGELINA ODADŽIĆ - UN Environment Assembly  (UNEA), Vice-President / Rapporteur
Senior at the Philological High School of Belgrade. Hard-working, devoted and communicative person, who is driven by her passion for politics. Constantly keeps learning and strengthening both intellectual and academic skills, through MUNs, courses and other similar activities.Language and travel enthusiast. Has participated at BIMUN numerous of times, and now for the second time being a member of the team.

NIKOLA KONDIĆ- UN Environment Assembly  (UNEA), Vice-President
Senior at the Third Belgrade Grammar school. He participated in BIMUN four times: twice as a volunteer, and twice as a team member. He is driven, passionate and hard-working. He is an out-going and friendly person, and is driven to succeed. He loves travelling and indulging in interesting conversations with people. His interests are politics, diplomacy, history and languages.

- UN Environment Assembly (UNEA), Recording Secretary
Senior year student at the 14th Belgrade grammar school. She participated in BIMUN 2017 as a volunteer, BIMUN JUNIOR as a delegate and now for the first time will be a member of the BIMUN team. She is a member of Belgrade Rotary Club as well. With an out-going personality and an optimistic way of thinking, she believes that diplomacy is the best way to combat the problems our world is facing.