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Lana Grabež - Chairperson

Lana Grabež is a student of Faculty of Political Science. She has presided at several BIMUN conferences. Her interests in the world of diplomacy, youth activism and debating were the main reasons why she decided to join BIMUN. Some of her hobbies include traveling, learning foreign languages and reading. She is a friendly and motivated person who believes that by working together we can create a better future.

Srđan Krivošić - Vice-Chairperson

Srđan is a fourth-year student of Psychology at the University of Belgrade. This is his second BIMUN, and he comes with the honor of being selected as the best delegate in the UNICEF committee at the previous year’s conference. Beyond academia, Srđan is passionate about making meaningful connections, thriving in team dynamics, and embracing the diversity of languages. His love for debating is fueled by interest in human rights, discrimination, and dismantling stereotypes, making him a dedicated advocate for positive change.

Jovana Lazarević - Recording Secretary

Jovana is a student at the Third Belgrade High school. She is an ambitious young girl who has plenty of experience as an active volunteer for both Red Cross and UNICEF. She finds enjoyment in learning new languages and meeting new people, but her biggest passion is advocating for a better tomorrow.



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