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Teodora Pavković - GA, President

Third year student of International Affairs at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. Driven by the wish to beat her yesterday’s self and change something in the small town of Subotica where she comes from, she got involved into many organizational work at a very young age. Her first contact with volunteering was becoming a peer educator on HIV/AIDS when she was only fifteen. Following that, everything else just got tagged along. After 6 years of various activism and volunteerism activities, as well as 2 BIMUN experiences, Teodora is now an intern at the International and Security Affairs Center and Serbian Youth Delegate to the UN. Although not an idealist, she still believes change is possible and giving up is not an option.






Goran Sandić - GA, Vice-President

Political Science student, Department of International Politics at the University of Belgrade. At University his academic interests revolve around public international law and the UN system, where he is a member of advanced group of Public International Law Desk, researching the UN-Serbia relations. Goran’s an activist in the field of human rights and believes that peace and diplomacy are essential for a good world. He is driven by the motto: Healthy disregard for the impossible. 


Milan Varda - GA, Vice-President

Political Science student, Department of International Politics at the University of Belgrade. He is mainly interested in Global Governance, Diplomacy, International Security and International Relations theory. He was an intern at the International Organization for Migration in Geneva HQ working in the Office of the Director General and is currently intern at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgrade. He has worked with various NGOs (most notably UNA Serbia and BAMERC) and on plenty of projects related to SDGs, water supplying, human rights and more. His hobbies include rowing, spearfishing, physics, ethics and political philosophy.


 Marie-Louis Pekić - GA, Recording Secretary

During the first ten years of her life Marie-Louise grew up between London, New York and multicultural Africa, experiencing firsthand the importance of tolerance towards diversity and difference. Her subsequent formative 8 years in Belgrade led to understanding to naturally emerge before judgment, forming now a strong foundation for diplomacy. In 2016 she participated in BIMUN, representing the USA in the UNODC and in 2017 she was Recording Secretary in the HRC. Enrolled in FMK, she is looking forward to learning more about all the fast evolving ways of how we communicate with each other locally, nationally and globally. Very much Borislav Pekić's grand-daughter, she is driven by the conviction that the key to our prosperous future lies in demystifying all aspects of human nature whilst preserving our cultural heritage as much and as respectfully as possible. She is painfully aware of the tremendous difficulty that this entails, and very much looks forward to the challenges ahead.