What are the rules?
The course of sessions is regulated by the Rules of Procedure of the Model of the United Nations. Imagine that you are a mature diplomat and go ahead.

What are the Rules of Procedure?
Rules of Procedure of the Model are a set of rules regulating the work of the bodies simulated. The Rules of Procedure of our Model are an adjusted version of the Rules of Procedure of the United Nations.

What is a Model United Nations delegate?
A Model UN delegate is a student, who plays the role of an ambassador of the United Nations at a Model UN event. A Model UN delegate does not need to have experience in international relations. Anyone can participate in Model UN, as long as he/she has the ambition to learn new things, to work with people and try and make a difference in the world. Model UN students tend to become future leaders in politics, law, business, education, or even medicine.

Why should I participate in the Model?
It is an excellent opportunity to gain the practical skills of a diplomat in the international organization which you will not receive neither at a seminar, nor at any lecture. It also provides the opportunity to communicate with the best students from other countries.

What kind of research should I do before BIMUN?
BIMUN participants are expected to be well-informed and skilled representatives of their assigned country by the moment they arrive at the Conference. When simulation starts, each student becomes the representative of his/her assigned delegation. In order to fill this role, among other things students should research: their country (including background and current events); the topics of discussion; the positions of other countries; the BIMUN rules of procedure; and general information about the United Nations.
BIMUN provides assistance in this research through BIMUN info packs, which will be available only to the selected participants before the Conference at the Preparation link. The pack provides a detailed outline of how an individual can fulfill the required research. Additionally, a synopsis of the history and current status of each topic is provided, along with a detailed bibliography, in order to assist students in additional research.

How are draft resolutions used at BIMUN?
Draft resolutions may be brought to the Conference or submitted on the floor by any delegation or group of delegations. UN resolutions are usually initiated by one country (or perhaps a small group of countries) and then circulated to bring in new perspectives and to gain broader acceptance. More importantly, the UN draft resolutions on any given topic are discussed, changed, combined and amended until they are acceptable for a vast majority, and often to all of the present delegations.
To present a more accurate simulation of the UN, BIMUN strongly urges delegations to focus on the difficult process of diplomacy which can lead to consensus on final resolutions, rather than focusing on initial drafts. By definition, even the best drafts can only serve as a starting point for a final document, which will reflect the desires of most, if not all the members of the international community.

Our target group?
Students and postgraduates from the region and other countries.

Criteria for selecting participants?
1. High school or univesrity students

2. Application form, including up to a 200-words motivation letter
3. Good knowledge of the English language
4. Expressed interest for international issues
5. Paid participation fee

How can I register?
By contacting your local UN Association or simply filling in Application form (Registration>>)

How should I pay the participation fee?
You will receive the payment instructions together with the Confirmation of acceptance.

What type of clothes should I wear?
At opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the committee sessions, it is recommended to wear the formal clothes: for young men - a dark suit, for girls - a suit or dress. Informal clothes is allowed for all other activities.

BIMUN is an educational model, not a competition. Still, according to a special criteria used in the evaluation, all participants will be scored. Your application and Position paper, just like the performance on the Conference itself will be evaluated.
Also, BIMUN participants, in all committees, by secret voting will give a certain number of points to the best delegate within their committee.

The best delegates will receive a special certificate and reward. All participants will receive BIMUN participation certificates.



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