A Model UN is a simulation of the work of UN bodies, a programme, which is being implemented in more than 80 countries as a means of learning about world problems and ways to resolve them, within the framework of the UN.

In this educational simulation students take on the roles of diplomats, representing different countries, and discussing specific topics that are mentioned in the agenda. Participants, as delegates, develop strategies, prepare resolutions, negotiate, solve conflicts, following the procedures of the UN.

Simulating international organizations began before the establishment of the United Nations, when students held a series of League of Nations Models in the 1920s. 

It encourages students and teachers' interests in international relations and related subjects, increases the capacity of students to engage in problem solving, teaches aspects of conflict resolution, research skills, and communication skills, and offers the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Not only does it involve young people in the study and discussion of global issues, but it also encourages the development of skills useful throughout their lives, such as research, writing, public speaking, problem solving, consensus building, conflict resolution and compromise and cooperation.


The United Nations Association of Serbia (www.unaserbia.rs) has been organizing the Belgrade International Model UN – BIMUN international conference, a simulation of the work of the UN bodies, since 2004.

What sets BIMUN apart is the high level of knowledge gained, modeling with firm rules of procedure based upon the real working procedures of UN bodies, as well as the very current issues that are covered. Emphasis is placed on the preparation period for participants and realistic simulation.

The project team consists of successful students, best participants from previous BIMUN conferences. During the several months-long preparation period, the team participates in all the aspects of planning and organizing a project. When the conference is finished, best participants work on BIMUN Plus – a research project. In that sense, BIMUN remains a whole-year activity, a process where a large number of successful young people participates, gaining new knowledge and experience, in a fun and interactive way, in accordance with contemporary educational principles.

Belgrade International Model United Nations – BIMUN 2024 (13 – 17 March 2024) is the 21st annual international youth conference and will be focused on the theme:

"Multilateral solutions for a better tomorrow: the world,the future, youth". 


 BIMUN 24 partneri

BIMUN gives students the possibility to learn more about current international issues and ways to resolve them within the UN system, to apply basic diplomatic courtesy and also contributes to the development of their personal skills (public speaking, negotiations, debating and compromise). BIMUN 2024 will be an opportunity for new experiences, diplomatic debates and young leaders networking. The BIMUN Project has been supported by WFUNA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.

Participants of the conference will be students from all over the world. BIMUN 2024 will be an opportunity for diplomatic debates, with respect to multiculturalism and democratic values, but also for connecting young leaders.

The main goal of the BIMUN Project is to have students get familiar with mechanisms of international cooperation and basic diplomatic approach, such as negotiations, peaceful conflict solutions, consensus building, as well as to understand the importance of the UN's role in the contemporary world. BIMUN 2024 will be an opportunity for diplomatic debates, with respect to multiculturalism and democratic values, but also for connecting young leaders. The conference will have a rich social life and special events.

The participants will represent their chosen country, different to their own. Delegations will be formed by the BIMUN Organizing committee. During the preparation period, the participants will be in touch with country delegations from different UN bodies in order to form a common strategy. The working language of the conference will be English.

The best participants according to the evaluation will receive a special certificate, whereas best domestic delegates will have the opportunity to be nominated for BIMUN delegations at other MUNs.

After 20 successfully organized international conferences (2004-2022), BIMUN has a high reputation among successful students and relevant institutions and organizations in the world today. Our goal is to maintain that good tradition so BIMUN 2024 will be organized at the highest level.



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