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Vida Stanić – UNESCO, President
Student and the scholar of Durham School in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island, with highly developed interests for international relations, law, and politics. Followed by the thought that everyone should be the change they wish to see in the world, she looks forward to seeing the world as a peaceful and safe environment for every living being. To achieve so, she argues, everyone should be well-aware of global happenings and have a knowledge-based opinion in order to be legible for contribution. Knowing no better place for creating such an opinion while enjoying heated discussion; and with the greatest passion for traveling and therefore meeting new cultures and people, she is undoubtfully looking forward to BIMUN Junior 2019!

Jelena Stanisavljević - UNESCO, Vice-President
Senior at the Third Belgrade Grammars school. Participated at BIMUN once as a delegate. She is amiable, optimistic, curious and persistent person. Adores traveling and meeting other cultures, sports, nature and reading. President of the student body, and coordinator of many activities at her high-school. Fulfills her wish for learning and helping others through numerous volunteering projects in which she participates. She is interested in medicine, politics, informatics and fight against climate changes. Believes that young people need to be more involved in solving global problems and that their voice should be heard.

Marija Stojanović – UNESCO, Vice-President
Just started her first year at the Faculty of organizational sciences, University of Belgrade. She has participated two times in BIMUN as a delegate and now she is a part of BIMUN team. She loves meeting new people and exploring new things. Also, she is a sports lover, enjoys spending time in nature and reading. Her biggest wish is to travel the world one day. Hoping to see you in Belgrade next year in March!

Zen Lewis – UNESCO, Recording Secretary
Zen is currently finishing her final year at Philological High School in Belgrade. She is planning to apply at several universities in the United States under the studies of Political Sciences. Besides politics she enjoys outdoor activities, music, history, psychology and diplomacy. She is very friendly and is always willing to meet new people and their cultures. She cannot wait to meet you all at the next BIMUN 2019 conference!



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