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Jana Stanić - UN Population Fund (UNFPA) Chairperson
Student of the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. Second time as amember of the BIMUN conference team. Lots of completed human rights training and schools. Working as an author and journalist on television, and my hobbies are writing a blog about art and playing the piano. I am most interested in international relations, foreign languages ​​and art.

Lana Grabež – UN Population Fund (UNFPA) Vice-Chairperson
Second-year student at Fisrt Belgrade Highschool, Social and Linguistic department. Interested in psychology, languages and diplomacy. In her free time she loves improving her knowledge of French and English, reading and being physically active. She has been to Petnica three times and this year was accepted at their psychology seminar.

Kristina Kostić - UN Population Fund (UNFPA) Vice-Chairperson
Third-Year student at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, where she is pursuing a degree in Spanish Language, Literature and Culture, with a minor in English Language. Her interests are HR, diplomacy, literature and languages. In her spare time she enjoys writing poetry, learning new languages and working with children that have come from abroad, helping them adapt to the new culture and environment. Upon completion of her Undergraduate studies she intends to apply to the Master of International Relations and further her knowledge in this field.

Irina Jokanovic - UN Population Fund (UNFPA) Recording Secretary
Third -year student of Fourth gymnasium in Belgrade. At the moment she is an exchange student in Italy, where she attends liceo artistico. Interested in languages, arts, history, diplomacy and geopolitics. In her spare time she likes reading or drawing. She has been practicing volleyball for nine years and she also does horse riding. She is also fluent in English and has a conversant knowledge of Italian, proficient knowledge of German and basic knowledge of Russian, and she is willing to learn more.



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