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Ana Slijepčević - SC Crisis Committee Junior, President

Ana is a first year student at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. During her second year of high school she began participating in BIMUN conferences and has since then fell in love with fruitful BIMUN debates which as a result got her two best delegate awards, one of which has been gained on a different MUN. Ana is a truly friendly and open-minded person who cares for other people just as much as for herself.

Emilija Stevanovic - SC Crisis Committee Junior, Vice-President

Goes to Fifth Belgrade Grammar School. She has been a BIMUN delegate two times, she is a debater and has created her schools debate club. She is very passionate and ambitious, overly positive and always has a smile on her face. Has an opinion on anything a person can think of, and is more than willing to share her knowledge and passions with others.

Sara Krstić - SC Crisis Committee Junior, Crisis Manager

Sara is a third year student at the Fourteenth Belgrade Grammar School. She participated in BIMUN last year as a delegate and is now happily organizing this years conference. She is very interested in politics and international relations. She has experience with debates which she gained by going to similar international conferences, such as the Global Youth Ambassador Leadership Summit held in Chicago. She is extremely passionate about BIMUN, and is eager to help and give any advice needed.

Miloš Mišić - SC Crisis Committee Junior, Recording Secretary

Miloš is a third year student at Third Belgrade Grammar School. He participated in BIMUN as a delegate last year and is now a member of the organization team. He enjoys working with people and organizing great events such as the humanitarian film festival in his school that saw over a 1000 people in attendance. He is very ambitious and extremely hard working. He is very teachable and willing to learn and improve everyday. He aspires to be a surgeon one day but enjoys MUNs because of the great people there and all the useful experiences with public speaking and managing.



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