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Ana Marić- Human Rights Council, Chairperson
second year student at Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. Interested in languages, history, diplomacy, culture and human rights. In her spare time, she loves to learn new languages, swim, run, read a good book and go to theaters. Her biggest passion is national dance and she has been dancing more than ten years. She is fluent in English and Russian and currently she is studying Spanish at university. She would like to learn French and Turkish.

Ana Vidrić - Human Rights Council, Vice Chairperson
was born in 1997. She graduated from the Fifth Belgrade Gymnasium as a valedictorian. She is a student at the Faculty of Political Sciences (3rd year) and a student at the Faculty of Philology (4th year), with an average mark of over 9.5 at both. Over the years, she has taken part in several projects and conferences organized by NGOs, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and the Korean Embassy in Serbia. Her interests include diplomacy, international relations, politics, economy and languages. Apart from her mother tongue, she also speaks English (C2 level) and Japanese (B2 level).

Mina Obradović- Human Rights Council, Repporteur
Third-year student at the prestigious Third gymnasium of Belgrade. After high school, she has ambitions to enroll in political science studies in France or Austria. She is interested in international relations, diplomacy and the role of young people in the society. Languages are her big passion as she possesses a high level of knowledge of French and English, and has started learning German and Spanish. She expressed her interest in fashion by participating in several humanitarian events.

Tomislav Ristić - Human Rights Council, Recording Secretary
third year student at First Belgrade Grammar School. Interested in business, economics, finance, diplomacy, law and literature. In his spare time he plays tennis and basketball and reads books based on his interests. Also, his passion is debating on various topics. He is fluent in English language and he would like to learn at least two more.



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