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Jovana Bulatović
Law student at University of Belgrade. She has participated once in BIMUN as a delegate of the Human Rights Council and now for a second time as a UNA-Serbia team member. Apart from being noticeably social and expressive, she is hungry for knowledge, especially when it comes to diplomacy-the field she is hoping to work in.
Eagerly waiting to meet everyone in Belgrade in March!

Mia Brzakovic
Student of Third Belgrade Grammar School, interested in international relations, diplomacy and political situations in countries around the world. She is very passionate about travelling and volunteering, while meeting open-minded people. In her spare time, she is snowboarder and wakeboarder. She believes that young people have the power the change the world, step by step.

Mateja Bojić
Student of the Fifth Belgrade Grammar School, with a great interest in medicine, international relations and languages. He is also a very ambitious, diligent and outgoing individual. Formerly he has worked with the UN and numerous other organizations. Established on the belief that hard work is the true key to success and happiness. His favourite segments of this event are helping future delegates become well-rounded specialist in this area of expertise and undoubtedly cooperating with splendid individuals within his team.

Petar Vitković
A senior at Philological High School. He has participated at BiMUN Junior and BaLMUN as a delegate, and this year he will be a member of the BiMUN Junior organizing team. An open-minded, ambitious and communicative person with a passion for developing his academic skills. Interested in diplomacy, security studies, economics, and different cultures. Always believing that fortune favors the brave, he encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and apply for BiMUN 2019!



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